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Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers



Overview –

Activities for preschoolers promote participation and academic involvement in a fun way. They are meant to engage children and make productive use of their time. Activities can even be selected based on the child’s zone of interest. Interest in activities help children develop self confidence and practical behavior. While selecting a preschool, make sure that activities are a part of the curriculum. It makes the process of learning simpler.

Introduction –

In the current times, there are numerous activities that children can choose from. Various activities contribute to the child’s development in different yet unique ways. Now, one might have a lot of questions regarding the selection of activities. What activities should I select for the children? Will the children find the activities fun? How will activities for toddlers help them learn and grow? As an answer to your queries, here’s a list of activities and their benefits. This will prove to be productive for you to analyze and select the right activities.

The activities are as follows:–


  • Gardening is one of the most engaging and beneficial activities. It benefits not just the children, but the population in general. The children who are taught gardening develop responsibility and enhance fine motor skills. In addition to that, they learn and care about the environment.
  • We at DRS Kids, ensure the inclusion of gardening in our curriculum. Children are asked to plant seeds or saplings as a part of this activity. These activities aren’t strenuous yet are capable of creating a huge impact.
  • 2. COOKING -

  • Cooking is one of the most important life skills. Learning to cook requires practice and interest. Instilling this basic life skill in children will help them be independent in future. Starting at a young age will improve coordination skills and teach them to be patient. Let children be your kitchen companions by engaging them in cooking their favourite dishes with you.
  • At DRS Kids, we make it a point that children indulge themselves in cooking through various activities. Our tiny tots have prepared delicious delicacies like tutti fruity kebabs, dry fruit modaks and sandwiches. We make sure that the cooking activities are all fireless. We use this as an opportunity to develop and analyze their non-academic side.

  • Clay model making is a creative and fun activity. Clay being an eco-friendly material betters it further. In addition to that, clay model making helps children bring out their innovative side. Nothing about moulding colourful materials would ever come off as uninteresting to the kids.
  • We at DRS Kids make clay model-making even more fun by conducting theme-based roly-poly clay competitions. This activity connects the artistic side of the kid and nourishes their fine motor skills.

  • Puzzles are great brain exercises. They work the minds of the kids and promote them to think more. Engaging children in this activity also enrich their problem-solving skills.
  • At DRS Kids, puzzles have an academic involvement. The educators at DRS Kids guide the children and familiarize them with the process of puzzle-solving. This contributes to the holistic development of children.
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    5. PAINTING -

  • This is one of the activities that children love. Children adore colours and leave no chance to splash a plain surface with them. Painting activities are amusing and develop cognitive skills.
  • DRS Kids has always been about letting children bloom in the way they wish to. We conduct regular painting activities in which children unleash their creativity. We make use of events like Halloween, festivals etc, to engage children in such activities.

  • Best out of waste activity is the new trend. There is so much that a child can do with an object that would have otherwise gone to waste. Starting from vegetable waste to old sneakers, anything and everything these days can be reused. If the child engages in activities while promoting sustainability, what more can we ask for?
  • The little ones at DRS Kids are already representing sustainability. We provide our kids with several opportunities to engage themselves in the best out of waste activities. Activities like making idols out of used objects, designs from pencil waste etc. The young minds are highly capable and come up with excellent works in these activities. By now we know that activities for preschoolers are highly beneficial. They engage them while keeping up the entertainment factor. DRS Kids believes that children are continuous learners. Activities work as an addition that uses several different paths to promote the process of learning. Every activity we conduct at our preschool has been intricately planned as per our children’s requirements. Each activity leads to a different kind of spark in children.
  • Conclusion -

    Activities are capable of developing your child both physically and mentally. They also help in stimulating brain development at a very young age. With a short attention span, focusing on one particular aspect of schooling is difficult for kids. This is the reason why DRS Kids considers the existence of activities in the curriculum important. With such varied options, a little attention to each activity is enough to promote overall development. It leads to the improvement of intelligence. It also controls impulses in children. Emotion regulation is another benefit of children participating in activities. From a general perspective, activities have a positive impact on children. They learn, grow, evolve and develop while engaging in activities.


    A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

    Mr. Garv Agarwal


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