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7 Benefits of virtual learning and preschooling

7 benefits of virtual learning and preschooling


The education sector has evolved enormously since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It has affected every aspect of teaching and learning. Adjusting to the new normal has not been easy for educators, learners and parents. But the fact remains that this has been mainly due to the introduction of virtual learning. Looking at the broader picture, there are various benefits to virtual learning. This mode of learning is especially beneficial to the youngest minds, the preschoolers. Online preschooling has made life much easier. It’s convenient, time saving and effortless. Plus, since the internet today is an integral element of functioning, the process is much simpler. Now, let's give this topic a more clear perspective. Following are the 7 major benefits of Virtual learning and Pre-schooling:

Introvert Inclusive Learning –

- Introvertedness among children is no stranger to us. At preschools, we’ve all seen children shy away from their classmates and not participate in activities. However, when it comes to virtual pre-schooling, this problem is resolved. Online learning for preschoolers who are introverts is one of the most helpful ways of educating them. The kids are much more participative as they need not have live interactions with anyone. The internet aided learning provides simple features to interact with teachers.

- At DRS Kids, our educators provide special attention to such students. They work towards building an understanding and plan activities that will motivate virtual participation.

Time Saving –

- Online learning for preschoolers saves a lot of time. Since there’s no travel time involved, more time is available for children and facilitators. Apart from that, one saves the time which is usually spent on basic classroom activities. This means the time spent on arrangements and organisation of the classroom. Even the process of attendance is hassle-free using various tools on internet aided platforms.

-DRS Kids believes in investing professionally in its students. We believe in educating our children in the most efficient way possible. We think that efficient education is not about spending hours training the kids. Instead, it is about providing quality education in the minimum amount of time. The attention span of preschoolers is much less than other age groups. Hence, our curriculum is designed in a way that doesn’t consume much of our children’s time.

Increased Parent Involvement –

- The parents must be a part of their child’s preschool experience. When compared to offline pre-schooling, virtual learning for preschoolers provides more space for that aspect. As the child is at home, parents can assess and understand their child’s growth.

-DRS Kids has always had a parental collaborative approach towards teaching and learning. To top that, the shift from offline preschool to virtual learning has further provided support to our approach. We hold parent-teacher collaboration meetings and events to ensure parent participation. We also make sure that parents are aware of the child's development.

Awareness of Technology -

- This skill is something that every modern-day kid must possess. The world runs on technology these days. Online pre-schooling is a typical and precise example of technology. Children learn to use advanced tools and the right applications at a very young age. Since they are at home, it’s easier to make sure that the usage is safe. The exposure to inappropriate content can easily be tracked by the parent.

- DRS Kids understands the importance and complexities of technology in the lives of children. Our facilitators guide the children through the entire process during virtual pre-schooling. We also suggest parents use technology to enhance the knowledge and skills of children.

Productivity -

- Productivity and time management are interconnected. As mentioned earlier, virtual learning for preschoolers is less time-consuming. Due to the same reason, there’s so much that the children can do in the time saved. They get to explore their creative side, learn new activities and develop new hobbies.

- The facilitators at DRS Kids are extremely student-friendly. They work towards not just academic development, but extracurricular and hobby-based activities too. This way the kids get to realise their zone of interest.

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Comfort -

- Learning in the comfort of home is an entirely different experience. It’s convenient and children are open to learning at their own pace. It also helps them to learn and grow on their own.

- DRS Kids makes it a point to not compromise with the comfort of children. We cater the virtual timetable for each preschool. This design is based on the convenience of students and parents. We design the virtual classes while keeping in mind the appropriate screen time for students.

Lesser Distractions -

-Minds and bodies of preschoolers are restless. When at school, they might be acquainted with a lot of things that can disrupt their focus. However, in virtual preschooling for kids, they do not face such an issue. Since children are at home, there are fewer distractions. Parental control and supervision further reduce the minimum chances of distraction too.

-We at DRS Kids, whether at home or school, we train our students to focus more and avoid distractions. However, in the current scenario, we find the need for special attention. Hence, we plan the learning and teaching to support this need. We even provide suggestions to parents to reduce distractions. Parental contribution to this is an extra help as they know what exactly distracts their child.

Conclusion -

With the world moving at such a fast pace, the kids would grow up before we even realize it. Hence, we at DRS Kids believe that fast-paced growth should be supported by quality education. The better the quality of education, the better the child’s future. Although virtual preschooling for kids was a surprising turn, let’s make the best out of it. 90% of the brain development takes place in children at this age. Hence, it is best to choose virtual preschooling. It has several benefits, even more than the ones mentioned above. We at DRS Kids thrive in every situation and work towards a strong foundation, successful future for our children.


A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

Mr. Garv Agarwal


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