About Us


MDN Edify Education

An offshoot of DRS Group, founded in 2003, MDN Education caters to all segments of the education sector and offers a plethora of services. Edify is proud to be known as the only licensor in India to offer a variety of different school models for every market segment. It has established more than 68 K-12 schools and 100+ Pre- Schools across PAN India.


DRS/EDIFY Kids is a preschool chain that provides a joyful learning environment and scientifically researched curriculum to maximize the development of children from 1.5 years to 5.5 years in a safe, learning, and nurturing environment. Creche cum daycare facilities along with market segmentation make DRS Kids viable for urban and rural areas.

3C Curriculum

Inspired by various educational theories and a variety of learning practices acquired from all around the world, the curriculum provides a holistic approach towards the overall development of students. The primary focus of this philosophy revolves around the 3c’s which stand for: character, competence, and content. Learning through the 3c curriculum is interactive and integrated as it creates a lifelike experience for the child. Understanding is based on the application of knowledge through inquiry, experimentation, research, and discovery.