Why DRS Kids


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The education model at DRS Kids is based on 'Inquiry-Based Learning' and the '3C Approach'. These approaches aid in the holistic growth of children. It is not surprising that our playschool is one of the best playschools in India.
Inquiry-based learning is a learning and teaching method that emphasizes students' questions, ideas, and observations. With inquiry-based learning, facilitators and our young learners share the responsibility for learning. This approach benefits both ends of the 'learning & teaching' spectrum at one of the best playschools in India. What makes inquiry-based learning different than the traditional methods? Inquiry-based learning focuses on comprehension rather than rote learning. Exercising the brain with questions makes it sharper and quicker.

The '3C Approach' is an innovative approach practiced at DRS Kids, counted amongst the best playschools in India. 'Character, Competence, and Content' is what makes 3C. It ensures holistic education for the child. Our holistic education program is designed by infusing the best of international learning practices. This provides a conducive environment for each individual learning style of the child. The environment and curriculum at one of the best playschools in India reflect the natural needs of the young inquisitive mind of the child. Our child-centric approach helps the child to give meaning to their world. Rather than questioning, we put questions in the minds of our young learners, so they answer their own questions through inquiry-based learning. The curiosity helps them connect dots between topics from various disciplines. Now, do you believe DRS Kids is one of the best playschools in India?
DRS Kids is not only about academic learning. It also believes in teaching while the child is playing and having fun. We integrate lessons into play and practice experiential learning. The children do specific activities to learn about a new concept. This makes DRS Kids feature on the list of best playschools in India.

We have received a lot of appreciation for our award-winning 3C Curriculum, which promotes the development of children in holistic terms. Our preschool provides the students with an opportunity to grow together. This makes DRS Kids one of the best playschools in India. Communication, integration, and teamwork are the catalysts. We also ensure active parent involvement at our preschool. We understand and validate the value of the role of parents in the lives of their children.
Hopefully, this has convinced you why DRS Kids is right to feature in the list of the best playschools in India.

Our Features:

No Royalty Preschool Model:

DRS Kids just requires an initial investment of 3 Lacs-12 Lacs. After that, you need not worry about the periodic payment for a royalty fee. We take care of the financial well-being of our associates. We hope to grow together with our associates as DRS Kids family, making it one of the best playschools in India.

Zero Franchise Fee:

The associates just have to make a one-time payment to start and operate a DRS Kids franchise and join the franchise system. After signing the agreement, the franchise would be provided with all the help from the layout to getting more admission in the preschool.

Transdisciplinary Custom Designed Books:

The curriculum of DRS Kids is designed such that it connects a common theme from various disciplines. Learning in this way in one of the best playschools in India helps in a better understanding of the concept by the young learners of DRS Kids. The young learners then start to apply this approach in all aspects of their life. They grow up to be reasonable and efficient adults.

An ideal Student-Teacher Ratio of 12:1 :

DRS Kids, one of the best playschools in India, ensures that each child gets enough attention and care. That's why we have kept the student-teacher ratio at 12:1. The facilitator would be able to guide the child to give their best.

Proven Business Model :

Association with the best playschools in India would give you a rewarding future. DRS Kids' associates have claimed as much as 35% ROI on their investments. The business model has been successful all across the country.

Master Franchise Network for Local Support & Guidelines :

A Master Franchise Network is necessary in a specific region to understand and act on the requirements of the region better. The Master Franchise is needed for local support. It has a role to play in supervising the administrative activities of the franchises functioning in the same region. The commitment to ensuring the efficient functioning of franchises in multiple regions by establishing a Master Franchise is what makes DRS Kids one of the best playschools in India.