Beyond Academics


Field Trips

Our learning spaces extend well beyond the classroom and into the wider world. Field trips in every unit of inquiry keep learning relevant and significant and help students make meaningful links and their exploration

Wonder Rooms

A wonder room is a place where a lot of magic happens. In the wonder room, children engage in both free play as well as guided play-based activities that help them discover fundamental concepts and develop key skills, fine motor, and gross motor skills

Celebrations of Festivals

Festival celebration familiarizes children with the country’s traditions and beliefs that help in building a strong bond between the country and their future citizen

Splash Pool

Preschool is a significant area for a child’s social and physical development. A student-friendly environment ensures that every child is safe and secure


Parent Connect Program

We have unique parent connect programs like home PTM and coffee mornings that encourage parents and teachers to join forces and work towards the holistic development of the child


Dance has many physical benefits for young children. Children develop a good sense of movement whilst developing their kinaesthetic memory