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Early Childhood Education
in 21st Century



The 21st century is a platform witnessing the best of a lot of aspects. We can confidently say that Early Childhood Education is one of those. ECE has come a long way since its introduction. It has changed from simple classroom learning to experiential learning. There exist so many innovative strategies and application-based learning methodologies now. We at DRS Kids practice all the latest effective methods wholly. We add a hint of our uniqueness to these and practicalize it at our schools. Our strategies so far have been successful, and we have seen children evolve into better versions of themselves. We currently apply a set of critical thinking and application-based teaching methods at our schools. These are all thought through and precisely planned by talented professionals who excel in their field. Now, What makes 21st-century Early Childhood Education the best and most reliable? Here is a set of answers to this question that would surely pop up in your head.


- Yes, the 21st century Early Childhood Education prepares children to be resilient. It trains children to face various challenges and demands that await them in their life ahead. It understands the accountability for the careful nurturance of the young minds.

- At DRS Kids, we utilize the curiosity and excitement that exist in children. We tap into these qualities of children to support their developmental process. Our classrooms foster an inclusive environment and provide them with the best learning experience. We focus on learning which is collaborative, creative, and communicative. We evolve our children to be technologically literate, emotionally stable and are risk admirers. We ensure that the children are appropriately independent when they graduate from preschool.


- Technology is what drives the current world. The entire population is dependent on technology. The results of applying this technology in education can be astonishing. Well, that is an aspect already in action. Modern-day education uses an appropriate amount of technology to create an impact on children.

- At DRS Kids, we integrate technology with learning to foster the interest of children. We first create inquirers and then expose these inquirers to find answers when curious. The modern classrooms at DRS Kids are technologically rich and intriguing. The facilitators are capable of providing precise guidance to help children utilize these resources the right way. We use online educational platforms to bring more strength to our teaching. We suggest the parent community use virtual resources that practice, recite with me, count with me, etc. These provide extra training to our children other than what they receive at school.


- The 21st-century Early Childhood Education has a cross-disciplinary approach towards teaching. The children acquaint with new challenges that push them to find solutions. These problems that children solve come from multiple areas. This way of teaching supports children to achieve success by promoting their related dispositions. This approach is trustworthy, as it displays a high success rate in the current era.

- DRS Kids classrooms are home to problem solvers. Our facilitators apply several principles that instil high-order thinking skills in children. This skill is what children utilize to solve the problems introduced to them in the classrooms. We do not limit our children and provide them with an environment to explore and find answers. Our facilitators play the role of co-learners to create a comfortable space to learn. We believe that children become the best problem solvers when they practice in a communicative environment. Hence, our teachers become their friends to help them out in this process.


- The plan behind modern-day preschool curriculums possesses brilliance. They prioritize learning at the right stage instead of mass introduction of concepts. These curriculums are flexible to suit every student's needs. They explore the creative side of the children and make learning fun. They also help children take tiny steps towards becoming a leader. They train children to cope with the change in a coordinated manner as they learn in a social environment.

- DRS Kids preschools follow an award-winning 3C curriculum that is extraordinary. It trains children to be winners, who at the same time do not fear failures. As mentioned earlier, the learners at DRS Kids are independent, mainly because of this curriculum. This curriculum provides them with the opportunity to adapt their ways of exploring the world. Exploration instils independence in children. As a result, children are capable of analyzing concepts and assimilating knowledge in the best way.


- In the 21st century, preschooling is not just about curriculum but also about training children to be stable individuals. Young minds are not capable of regulating their emotions until and unless they receive guidance. There are several aspects that preschools contribute towards emotional stability in children. The social atmosphere helps them learn empathy. The existence of teachers as role models helps them understand the value of respect. The preschools cover every emotion that a child needs to process at that particular age.

- DRS Kids has its way of teaching emotions to children. We consider learning emotions as a part of our curriculum. We have activities like etiquette learning which train them to be grateful. We also introduce them to words like sorry and please that teach them to be apologetic and humble. Hence, we confidently claim that we aim at the overall and holistic development of children.


- By now, it is clear how capable early childhood education in the 21st century is in developing children. In the current times, opting out of preschool will not prove to be beneficial. There is so much that a child can learn from preschools. With an education in the current century being so forward and practical, it is even more crucial. By joining a preschool, a child receives exposure to numerous opportunities. We at DRS Kids are always eager to acquaint children with such opportunities. Like we always say, at DRS Kids, children get a Strong Foundation Successful future.


A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

Mr. Garv Agarwal


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