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How to do a Preschool Business Plan



Preschool business is undoubtedly one of the most efficient business options that exist. However, no matter what the business be, there needs to be a plan in place. One needs to follow the same principle for a preschool business too. The preparation of a preschool business plan requires a lot of research and precise knowledge. One needs to thoroughly understand the business concept, and especially preschool’s to go ahead and prepare a plan. There are several questions that one has while preparing a preschool business plan. What expenses should I consider while planning? How do I properly plan and structure my pricing? What is my target audience? What hours of the day should I operate? We will hereby be addressing and answering these questions.


- The first and crucial step of preparing a preschool business plan is to start with an executive summary. The executive summary must consist of your objective and unique selling point. It should talk about the aspects that make your preschool stand out from the rest.

- DRS Kids aims to function as a fun and nurturing play school for children from 1.5 - 6 years. We stand out as we provide a rich, stimulating environment to satisfy the learning needs of children. We strive towards the development of their social, emotional, physical, and academic skills.


- Yes, you need to talk about your preschool in the plan. Mention what, when, how, and every other possible question, but briefly. Firstly, the organization itself needs to understand what they are. Then comes the plan on how they plan to execute their identity to the general public.

- DRS Kids, a preschool chain, provides a joyous learning environment. The curriculum provided is scientifically researched to maximize the development of children. The preschool environment is safe, educational, and nurturing. The creche cum daycare facilities and market segmentation makes DRS Kids feasible for urban as well as rural areas.


- Marketing is an integral part of business. The extent to which you market your business is what determines your success. It aims at building brand awareness using various ways. One is even open to select the type of marketing they wish to do for their business. The requirement is to strategize the further proceedings of their plan based on that.

- We, at DRS Kids, provide major support to our preschool franchises when it comes to marketing. We plan a customized marketing strategy for them and provide them with all the marketing collateral required. We also offer them training for admission counselling as a part of marketing. Additionally, we do national brand marketing through televisions ads, official websites, social media platforms, etc.


- The functioning strategy of your business is it's operation plan of actin. Mention the location of your preschool and the number of employees that you plan to employ. Make sure to form the departments that will exist in the organization. Specify the possible division strategy of employees into each department. Ensure that the operational plan has a list of the tasks assigned to each department or each member. The list should also mention the deadlines of each task.

- We, at DRS Kids, make the whole process of operational planning easy for our preschool. We provide them with the operational expenditure plan, the staff recruitment plan, and the student enrollment plan. We even provide them with a welcome and consolidated kit that consists of essential manuals & documents.

5. TEAM -

- Team is the core aspect of a business, both in the plan and in the implementation. A business is highly dependent on the team that works to build it. Mention all your team members in the business plan. It should include all the members from all the departments.

- DRS Kids provides overall support to our clients to recruit the entire team for their preschool.


- Plan your finances and lay down the same plan firmly. It familiarizes you with the expenses that await you shortly. This way of strategizing helps in the proper implementation of your plan and promotes organized spending.

- DRS Kids preschool franchises are affordable as they do not burn a hole in your pockets. We provide our clients with a revenue projection list, which is a part of our business proposal. We currently have a zero franchise fee offer which further adds to our clients’ savings.

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- The profit gained out of a business is the definition of its success. Profit and loss statements help in target setting and better functioning. Similarly, loss will possess this application too. Hence, while making a business plan, it is important to add a combined projected profit and loss statement

- The DRS Kids business proposal shares a project feasibility report with the franchisee. This way the process is hassle-free for them. The business proposal provided is completely informative in itself. We simplify the process for making business plan for clients.


- So far it is clear that a preschool business plan is a written document. It consists of the organization’s business-related activities and goals. It also gives information about how it wishes to execute its plan to achieve the mentioned goals. The business plan document is not supposed to remain constant. This is mainly because growth and evolution are important aspects of a business. Hence, as the business grows, the modification of information in the document is important too. In simpler words, we can say that it is a document that develops and evolves as your business grows. At DRS Kids, we provide you with a business proposal that satisfies all the above-mentioned requirements. The process of building a business with us is effortless.


A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

Mr. Garv Agarwal


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