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How to find a Good Preschool?



Finding a good preschool for children is essential. A lot of times, parents are not sure of which factors to consider while selecting a preschool. It requires a lot of planning and is not a decision to be taken overnight. Preschool forms the base for all further developments in a child’s life. Hence, it becomes important to take note of the happenings at school before admitting your child. There are several aspects that parents need to look out for while selecting the right preschool. We find the following factors to be important to help them make a decision:

Know your child –

- DRS Kids believes that selection of preschool cannot be possible until the parents completely know their child. Every little thing including, their favourite food, colour, cartoon etc, matters.

- Now, how will this information help you? You need to check if the appearance of the school would please your child or not. This factor naturally builds the child’s will to go to school. The thought of going to school should excite him/her. This excitement is what motivates the child to learn and grow. DRS Kids preschools majorly suit the preferences of children making it easier for the parent to decide.

Research –

- Do your research. As mentioned earlier, the selection of preschool can never be an instant decision. Ask around, visit websites, check out reviews to gather as much information and arrive at a conclusion.

-Incomplete information often leads to wrong decisions. In this case, wrong decisions will have long term impacts. Inaccuracy in research will further affect the child's growth and development post preschooling.

- DRS Kids website is a detailed and efficient source of information. Apart from that, the parents are always welcome to visit and know more about us. We even provide school tours and let you converse with faculty for a better understanding.

Distance –

- Distance would be another important point to keep in mind. Check if the preschool is within a 3-4 km radius of your residence.

- DRS Kids follows a solid criterion when it comes to setting up preschools. We make sure that they are in or around residential areas making it convenient for parents.

Study the schedule -

- Be informed of the preschool's schedule to make the right decision. It helps to understand if the school maintains a proper balance between academics and extracurricular activities.

- Academic and Extracurricular are equally vital and the children shouldn't be restricted to any particular activity.

- At DRS Kids we believe in holistic development and make all aspects of preschools balanced.

Visit the preschool -

- As a part of your research, visit the preschool and take note of the environment. Check if it's friendly, hygienic and suits your child.

- Be familiar with the teacher-student ratio. It can be inconvenient if a single teacher is responsible for taking care of numerous students. In this case. the children do not receive the required attention which affects their growth and learning.

- DRS Kids follows a standard 12:1 student-teacher ratio so that all our children receive one-to-one support.

Safety of the children -

- Safety is a vital factor to be considered while selecting a preschool. Be thorough with the safety measures each preschool follows.

- Security guards and CCTV’s are among a few things that you should look at.

- Make sure the preschool is located in a safe zone, i.e., less crowded areas and minimal vehicular traffic.

- One also needs to check for medical facilities provided by the preschool.

- DRS Kids makes it a point to never compromise on the child’s safety. We take all safety measures to ensure the proper nurturing of kids.

Outdoor time -

- It is crucial to check if the children are provided with outdoor playtime. All study, no play can lead to boredom among children easily.

- All DRS Kids preschools accommodate an outdoor play area. Spending time outdoors helps children relax and explore various activities.

- In the long run, engaging in extracurricular activities from a young age proves to be beneficial.

Faculty -

- The facilitators of the preschool play an important role to derive your decision.

- Teachers are the major source of learning for kids and their influence matters.

- The interactions between students and teachers also help build behavioural characteristics.

- The facilitators at DRS Kids hold special expertise in having healthy interactions with students. Our efficient faculty is one of the reasons why we are considered to be the best preschool in India.

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Inter-student interaction -

- It's essential for your child to socialize and make friends. It's even more beneficial if that happens from as early as preschool.

- During your visit to the preschool, observe if the students mingle well with each other. Also, notice if their relationship is cordial and healthy.

- DRS Kids pays a lot of attention to the nature of the interaction between children. We ensure a healthy social atmosphere at our preschools.

Parent Communication -

- When deciding the right preschool, ask yourself a couple of questions. How does the school communicate with parents? How often does communication take place? Is the school transparent to parents regarding the development of their child? This segment of research is something a lot of parents do only after finalizing the preschool.

- Parents need to thoroughly understand the communication schedule and strategy beforehand. Inefficacy in communication from school can bring challenges in tracking the child's development.

- We at DRS Kids, update the parents regularly about their child's growth and development. We try our maximum to involve parents and make them a part of their child's preschool experience. For this, we organise parent connect programs, coffee mornings, home PTMs and parent-student activities.

Conclusion -

Overall, it is evident that finding the right preschool can be tough, but not impossible. The parents need to be keen, understanding and patient. They shouldn't compromise on any of the above-stated requirements. DRS Kids undoubtedly stands by this criteria. We ensure transparency, quality and efficiency in the service we provide. These qualities have made us stand out in the field of preschool education for years now. We work to keep up the position of being the best preschool in India through continuous efforts.


A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

Mr. Garv Agarwal


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