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Learning Activities for Preschoolers



Be it Science, English or whichever subject activities are a fun way to learn. With children always looking for fun, acquainting them with activities is not a task. There is so much that the children get to learn and explore through these activities. Activities contribute immensely towards the development of children's skills. This way, the kids learn to test the aspects behind what they study. The selection of activities can even be as per personal choice since they are diverse. Above all this, the children even get a lot of opportunities to find their forte. With an array of activities available, it might be a little confusing to choose the right ones. Hence, we have listed down a few of the best learning activities for preschoolers for your convenience:

MY HANDS CAN SAY(Learning Emotions):

- This activity requires the children to express what they feel through their hands. This way, kids learn about the different kinds of emotions that humans possess. This activity contributes towards the motor skill development of the children. Hence, there exist long-term effects as the child is aware of the human characteristics and behaves accordingly.

- We at DRS Kids work towards the holistic development of our children. Hence, teaching them about the emotions that they possess is a necessity. Other than hand gestures, we provide children with a lot of opportunities to express themselves. That is as we believe that expression is one of the best ways of learning. Introduction of self and others, my favourite toy, etc., are activities that help children know their emotions. They talk about how they feel about the particular aspect through these activities.

• KNOCK THE LETTER CUPS(Literacy Gain) -

- Other than the learning outcome, this activity works on the gross motor skills of the children too. All that one needs for this activity is a stack of plastic cups. Label each cup with a single letter and arrange them in a line. Now, give the child a ball, and ask them to kick the ball towards the letter cups. To upgrade the difficulty level, announce a letter first and check if they aim right. It helps one understand the kid's memory power. This activity contributes towards literacy skill development in children.

- Literacy skill development is DRS kids' topmost priority. Our premises are a hub of new knowledge for children. Our facilitators are always ready with exciting activities to help kids remain in the loop of learning. Pick and talk, story narration, match the letters, etc., are to name a few. Learning activities for preschoolers is one of the best ways to gain literacy skills.

• ONE NUMBER A DAY (Mathematics) -

- Yes, one number a day is an activity that can boost the learning capacity of children. It also ensures thorough learning and practical application. As a part of this activity, one needs to introduce the children to just one number each day. Consider this activity as a compilation of several activities. Now, here comes the reason behind it. After introducing the number, ask the children to spot it in every possible way. For example, a number line and ask the children to find the number introduced to them. You may ask the children to count to that number too. Also, ask them to collect that particular number of articles like toys, cubes, etc.

- At DRS Kids, activities perform wonders. We realize how essential it is to make children understand several concepts by not tiring them. Hence, we make sure that the children have fun while learning every day. That is why we add a hint of everything that children love. While solving maths, we include colours, toys, pictures, etc. Number cards, number block building, number and quantity matching are some of the fun-filled activities.


- Science activities for preschoolers aim to foster a love for science among children. This activity does not require too many materials. One only needs to make the children touch objects with their eyes closed. After this, ask them to recognize the commodity. The commodity may be some fruit, vegetable, or animal toy. Post that, the facilitator needs to explain all the details of that particular object. Information can typically include its benefits, associated properties.

- At DRS Kids, we value the importance of science and understand how life revolves around it. We hence understand how crucial it is to lay the base of science for young minds. We try to provide them with as practical an experience as possible while learning. Hence, activities like object talk, role play are our way to go for the teaching and learning of science. We even organize field trips for children to learn through proof-based experiences. By now, it is evident that learning activities for preschoolers are an effective way to ensure learning. It makes sure that learning is fun and practical. We need to understand that with the changing world, innovative teaching methodologies are necessary. Especially with the competitive nature of things around, a strong base of knowledge becomes a necessity. Learning activities for preschoolers are a great way to encourage them to work their brains. Specifically speaking, in a social environment like preschool, collaborative activities are also possible. We at DRS Kids follow such a concept, as we understand its significance. Learning through activities helps children in several ways. They receive knowledge not just through themselves but the perspectives of others as well.


A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

Mr. Garv Agarwal


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