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Tips to Choose the Best Preschool Near You

Tips to choose best preschool near you


With the fast-paced nature of time, children grow up before they even realize it. The parents then get busy with providing nurturance for their development. The process starts with finding a good preschool for them. As parents, you must ensure that the child joins the top preschool near you and not compromise on quality. Now, as parents, you might need help figuring out what makes a good preschool. Based on our expertise in preschool education, we understand this need of yours. Thus, we, as a leading preschool brand in India, have some tips for you.


- You can narrow down and list out the preschools in and around your area of residence. To start, take into consideration the vicinity, school working hours and fee structure. Once you have shortlisted the preschools' make sure to visit them.

- DRS Kids ensures that our preschools are within 3-5kms of residential areas. We provide various facilities along with market segmentation making it accessible to everyone. Our priority is to provide high-quality education at an affordable fee.


- Faculty is a vital part of a preschool administration. They are educators and can bring the best out in your child. Hence, ensure that the facilitators are well qualified and maintain a good rapport with children. You can visit the preschool and see the relationship between the teacher and children. Make sure to check if the staff are caring and loving towards the children. Furthermore, communicate and know about the total number of facilitators and students at the preschools. It will give you an idea of the teacher-student ratio in that preschool. These are some of the qualities that educators at the best preschool near you should have.

- All DRS Kids preschools have an efficient panel of facilitators. All our educators are well qualified and undergo a minimum of 100 hours of training. We ensure that our facilitators are well trained and updated with modern teaching techniques for high-quality learning. We aim to provide every child with a home-like environment and a comfortable atmosphere to learn and grow.


- It is not surprising to know that extra safety is a need when it comes to kids. While visiting the preschool, ensure to observe where the preschools' location is. Also, check for security guards and CCTV surveillance. While you are there, understand the medical support that is available at the preschool.

- At DRS Kids, child safety is the topmost priority. We ensure to provide a safe and secure campus. All our preschools are in residential areas, away from the busy environment. We also have prior arrangements and equipment for any emergency that may arise.


- During your preschool visit, observe the classroom environment. Ensure to note if the classroom is bright and colourful. Children do not prefer to spend time in a room with dull colours. Other than that, check if the classroom is spacious for children to explore. Children are always active and hence, a spacious classroom is a necessity. Along with that, an important thing to notice is the furniture. Check if the furniture is student-friendly and safe. It might sound like an ignorable factor, but it does hold a lot of importance. Every little thing is necessary when it comes to the safety of your child. Hence, the best preschool near you should be considerate about this.

- The well-designed classrooms at DRS Kids will motivate your child to come to school every day. Our classrooms are all beautified not only with colourful and safe paints and prints but our children's artworks too. The classrooms are furnished and organized well. We decide the classroom area keeping in mind several points like student-teacher ratio, the total plot size of the preschool etc.


- We need to look at communication from two perspectives. The first is a mass to individual perspective. The second is one-to-one. The former means that you need to know how the school communicates with the parents. The latter means that you need to ensure how the teachers communicate with the parents. These are two of the vital aspects of preschooling. They help you keep a check on the progress of your child. It also keeps you updated with the developmental milestones of your child. Plus, as a parent, you play a major role in your child’s schooling. Hence, to ensure that the preschool has the provision of parent involvement.

- We at DRS Kids find it necessary to stay in regular contact with parents. We make sure that our parents are well informed and updated. We maintain contact through newsletters, communication letters, text messages etc. Above all, we invite parents to celebrate various events with us. It helps us maintain a good and cordial bond. For one-to-one communication, we organize PTMs, Coffee Mornings, Home PTM and much more. We understand the importance of effective communication and hence do our best to do justice to this need.


As far as we are aware, choosing the right preschool is necessary for your child's development. The lifelong applications of preschool education are something you can not ignore. Hence, we recommend you start early and do your research right. The beginning years are the ones that need perfection and precision. These are the qualities that will make your child a skilled and knowledgeable adult. So, to choose the top preschool near you, you need to put in a lot of effort. We can say that, in this case, DRS Kids is your solution. We ensure quality learning through effective teaching methodologies and lots of fun. You open doors to world-class education and the holistic development of your child when you choose DRS Kids. Build a strong foundation with us to ensure the successful future of your child.


A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

Mr. Garv Agarwal


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