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Why is Preschool Important



Early childhood is the starting phase of development in everyone's life. During this phase, growth should be healthy and must consist of social, physical and cognitive development. It should also influence the physical and mental health of the child rightly. Considering these factors it is necessary to understand the importance of preschool. Preschool is the place where the child first acquaints with a structured atmosphere. The child learns to explore this environment and develops numerous skills. Similarly, several other reasons stress the importance of preschool. Let us introduce you to some of the most important reasons:


- Early school programs prepare the child for higher studies where the learning gets complex. In simpler words, preschool lays the foundation for further education in a child's life.

- A good preschool makes sure to maintain a proper balance between co-curricular activities and academics. All the DRS Kids preschools implement our unique, innovative and integrated 3C Curriculum. We believe in the holistic development of the child and deliver concepts through experiential learning.


- Preschool is the place where children acquaint themselves and mingle with students of their age group. Interaction with the faculty and staff also takes place at preschools. This paves the way to the development of communication and social skills in children. Social skill development is one of the crucial reasons behind the importance of preschool in children’s lives. While growing up, this skill supports children at every stage of life.At DRS Kids, we encourage healthy peer and student-teacher relationships. We also organize social skill promotion based activities regularly to ensure continuity of communication.


- Preschool instils readiness in children. They establish good reading skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, and much more in them. Preschoolers grow up to be proficient readers because of the early guidance and learning they receive. This forms one of the core reasons behind preschool importance.

- DRS Kids ensures the establishment of pre-literacy skills in children through various activities. Apart from the basic learning that involves alphabet songs and rhymes, we add innovative and fun activities. Puppet talk, my favorite toy, riddle fun, pick and speak, etc are some of them. We aim to motivate and excite children to learn.


- Preschools nurture creativity in children. They embrace it and make space for creative heads. Preschools are often the place where little ones realize their love for art. Facilitators realize how actively children imagine and wish to channelize the same into creativity. Every preschool should aim to organize activities that give kids the opportunity to showcase their creativity.

- We, at DRS Kids, put in a lot of effort to promote creativity in children. We build our calendars in a specific way and ensure the involvement of art activities regularly. We even have concepts like 'Activity of the month' that help develop creative works.


- There are several cognitive developmental milestones that children need to achieve at different stages. One of the aims of preschools is to make sure that these developmental milestones are being achieved. Preschools teach children to think, understand and reason. Moreover, we train them to question, classify, imitate and symbolize. These contributions made by the preschool help children in their growth and development.

- DRS Kids believes in the holistic development of the child. Cognitive skills being one of the most important ones, remains our focus. We try to teach children through audiovisual exercises, object classification techniques, etc. Our facilitators are highly skilled and follow the most efficient methods of teaching.


- One will never find children resting. It is even more evident when they are in a social environment. This type of behaviour gets the right purpose when they are at preschool. Children have all the available resources to move around and play at school. This active lifestyle helps them practice healthy living.

- DRS Kids preschools always remain a step ahead of others when it comes to nurturing children. We facilitate the possibility of an active lifestyle in children through innovative approaches. Apart from the play area, we even have a Wonder room in all our preschools. Wonder Room is a space for children to play around, have fun, learn and explore. Above all this, our 3C curriculum is well planned and favours active play and learning equally.

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- Children learn etiquette and manners when they are at preschool. Kids respect their teachers and see them as their role models. Teachers, through a mix of professionalism and love, guide children towards good manners and behaviour.

- DRS Kids ensures that children grow up to be individuals with a high sense of discipline. All our facilitators hold expertise in etiquette training that they reflect at preschool. Our calendar activities include ‘Etiquette of the Month', wherein we introduce one etiquette to students every month. Table manners, good touch and bad touch etc. are some of the many concepts that we cover.


- At preschools, we expose children to a lot of options, for both curricular and co-curricular aspects. This way they get to experience everything, and then eventually decide what interests them. This way the children learn to make decisions and choose what best suits them, based on their likes and interests.

- Children at DRS Kids are efficient decision-makers as they receive the right guidance from our facilitators. Moreover, we provide them with numerous options, so that they have enough to choose from. We understand the importance of the decisions that children take as preschoolers.


- So far, it is evident that a preschool plays a vital role in the lives of children. It fosters skills, builds children and prepares them for the future. In the current time, it is crucial for people to focus on the importance of preschool. We at DRS Kids have believed in preparing lifelong learners with a strong will to develop. We ensure that through quality education and a nurturing environment. We will always follow the concept of building a strong foundation for a successful future for our children.


A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

Mr. Garv Agarwal


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