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Why is Physical Activity Important for Child Development?



Physical activity and child development have an impactful connection. There are evident developmental differences between children who engage in physical activity and children who don’t. Physical activity stands way beyond the limits of being a leisure time activity. It involves several factors that contribute to the overall development of the child. In the current time, the lifestyle of children has become sedentary due to the advancement of technology. In such a scenario, steps should be taken to ensure their body gets enough movement. Inclusion of physical activity in the lives of the children is a necessity, not an option. There are several reasons why physical activity for child development is important. The following list of reasons will provide you with a clearer picture of the same:

Promotes Physical Health –

- The growth of physical health is a process. A process that needs to be planned and executed in the best possible way. Physical activity helps children develop endurance, physical strength, and stamina at a young age. Maintaining physical health since childhood leads to low levels of fats and cholesterol in the body. A healthy child turns into a healthy adult.

- We at DRS Kids have always considered physical activity to be a vital part of a curriculum. All our preschoolers engage in age-appropriate physical activities regularly. We ensure that their physical health is not being tampered with by any means. We also conduct medical health check-ups at the DRS Kids premises to assure safety.

Development of Fine and Gross Motor Skills –

- One of the biggest perks of physical activities is that it engages the individual’s entire body. It is because of the same reason that they enhance fine and gross motor skills in children. These are the two most crucial skills that the child acquires during childhood. . They further help in maintaining better balance and posture of the body.

- The physical activities at DRS Kids are specifically designed keeping several conditions in mind. Each activity focuses on a particular set of skills. Skill-focused planning correlates our approach to the holistic development of children. We prioritize the skill development of children in every physical activity.

Improvement of confidence and self-esteem –

- Confidence and self-esteem are highly influenced by participation in physical activities. However young the children are, the competitive spirit always exists. The competitive spirit here motivates them to push themselves. They learn to believe in themselves and their abilities.

- At DRS Kids, we organize physical activity-based competitions regularly to ensure student participation. We believe that we must help children gain confidence in themselves.

Enhances Concentration -

- Physical activities work as concentration enhancers. While engaging in physical activity, children tend to focus more. Hence, if done regularly, constant focus leads to improved concentration. This concentration is what helps the children function better in the long run.

- DRS Kids strives towards confidence-building and character development in children. We try to inculcate the qualities of focus and concentration through our activities. Organizing physical activities for child development is one of the most efficient ways to serve our purpose. Physical activities are entertaining yet impactful.

Improves Social Skills -

- Children need to socialize to grow and develop. Participating in physical activities helps them interact with people which reflects on their social skills. It further develops other skills like teamwork, competitive spirit and sportsmanship.

- The fun and participative environment at DRS Kids assures healthy socialization. In addition to that, the fun atmosphere plays a major role in creating a friendly space too.

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Improves Sleep Schedule -

- Physical activities ensure a systematic and structured routine. And a structured routine ensures a proper sleep pattern too. Instilling a healthy lifestyle is one of the prime objectives of physical activities. The right sleep pattern is what completes the same concept, that is, that of a healthy lifestyle.

- We at DRS Kids, look at the all-around benefits of any activity. We have always been about providing high quality in each aspect of preschooling. Most individuals have improper sleep schedules growing up. To avoid having a problem of that sort in future, the children need to be trained at a young age. This is one of the reasons why physical activities are a part of every DRS Kids Preschool.

Good Mental Health -

- It is very well known by everyone that physical activities ensure good mental health. They are capable of inducing hormones that elevate the mood of the individual. This keeps mental health in check.

- DRS Kids completely understands the cruciality of mental health. Keeping the current time in mind, we understand how important it is to train children to remain satisfied mentally. Hence, we make sure to do every bit to ensure our children achieve mental satisfaction through each activity they participate in.

Conclusion -

Overall, physical activities are an unavoidable aspect of a child’s development. They are to be considered outside the circle of just games and play. It’s high time that we step outside the circle of academics. Look at physical activities from a broader perspective. As time progresses forward, the results of regular physical exercise become evident. Even at a young age, the child can live a healthy and organized life. They grow up to be disciplined and respectful individuals too. So far, the point that physical activity is important for child development is evident. DRS Kids has always been aware of its importance. Hence, we have been actively involving and promoting physical activities at our preschools. We always made it a point to abide by our duties as a preschool. We wish to continue doing that even in the future.


A man with creativity and ingenious ideas remolded DRS Kids thoroughly. Garv is a young graduate from the University of Manchester with a keen vision to build a school where children feel home and encouraged to inquire, explore and discover.

Mr. Garv Agarwal


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